Investigations | Fact Finding

Helping the Decision Making Process

Danielle's investigations are conducted with discretion, competence, impartiality and professionalism.

Getting to the Bottom of it

Danielle gathers information, ascertains the facts, and interviews witnesses, as necessary, with minimal disruption to the business in investigating any dispute inside your business or involving third parties.

An employer’s commitment to fairly and fully investigate cases of alleged harassment and discrimination is fundamental to the success of “open door policies”, formal ADR programs and company complaint procedures. It is also necessary to develop and maintain credibility among the workforce. With Investigations/ Fact Finding services, Danielle reviews information, evidence and interviews witnesses to develop understanding of relevant facts to enable informed decisionmaking.

Claimants, employers, and employees deserve a full, thorough investigation to inform their decision making.


Danielle is available to provide dispute resolution services throughout the United States and internationally.

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