Bringing people together

Mediation is a process in which a neutral guides both parties to reach their own resolution or settlement.

forging new paths, reaching closure

Each mediation is as unique as the parties themselves.

The mediator does not make any decisions for the parties, but facilitates the communication to promote, among many things, as appropriate, reconciliation, a smooth separation, closure, and understanding. A skillful mediator will not only facilitate communication between disputants, but allows an opportunity to help the parties explore timely, creative and smart solutions that could represent a win-win outcome, which is not often possible in either the courtroom or an arbitration tribunal.

Often the key to a successful mediation is the neutral chosen to guide it. A mediator does not render a decision; rather, she listens, offers suggestions, and guides the conversation.

Meeting in the Middle

Danielle has more than thirty years of experience professional mediator with an expertise in employment relations and workplace conflict resolution.

Danielle’s diverse background and personal experiences allow her to comprehend and articulate each side’s position in a manner that avoids confusion, misunderstanding and leads to mutual understanding sooner. She is often credited and lauded for her down to earth, personable but direct demeanor that resonates with employees and employers alike.


Danielle is available to provide dispute resolution services throughout the United States and internationally.

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