Neutral Evaluation

Evaluation of Evidence

Recommending a basis for settlement or resolution based on presented evidence or arguments.

Geared toward litigation avoidance

Danielle L. Hargrove also specializes in fact-finding, settlement counseling/coaching, and other forms of neutral investigation work all geared toward litigation avoidance.

Beneficial Results:

  • Reduced business disruption
  • Reduces corporate time involved in responding to and processing claims
  • Lowers legal fees
  • Empowers both employees and managers to take actions based on facts free of structural bias
  • Provides greater opportunity to resolve issues before they are litigated
  • Speeds up the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process

Neutral Evaluation is more prompt and economical than litigation in the resolution of workplace, commercial, and other disputes.


Danielle is available to provide dispute resolution services throughout the United States and internationally.

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